Competition winner joins Downton Abbey Tour

edith wedding  I love a good news story and was privileged to be involved in one during a recent P and P Tours Downton Abbey tour.

One of the people on the tour, a lovely young lady from Chile, turned out to be the winner of a British Embassy competition to write a short Downton Abbey script. Her prize was an all-expenses paid one week trip to the UK, which included the P and P tour to Highclere Castle, aka Downton Abbey.

Claudia Arenas, from Cocepcion in Chile, is an English pedagogy student and her winning script transposed Downton Abbey to a modern day London pub with a story line concerning anti-discrimination, promoting tolerance and respect. She received high praise for her creativity and the quality of her writing.

Of course it was pleasing for me personally and professionally that PandP Tours were chosen by the British Embassy to be part of the prize for Claudia, but I was more pleased for her that she was able to see ‘Downton’ at first hand for a change, rather than on the television.

This only serves to reinforce what I said in my recent blog about the power of Downton Abbey and its growing popularity around the globe. Who could have imagined that a British TV drama has the ability to inspire a South American student to enter a creative writing competition?

This story also demonstrates how the world as we know it is shrinking. Modern communications now make the other side of the world accessible to us all. The rise of Scandanavian dramas in recent years, such as Borgen and The Killing, shows that there is certainly an appetite for foreign cultures and they are a hit as much for their alien-ness as the quality of the writing and production involved.

P and P Tours sees this desire taken to the next level at first hand. We have travellers from all over the world on our private, bespoke and escorted tours. Folks from China, Australia, the US, Europe, and now South America it seems, have seen the television programmes and now they want to visit the filming locations and experience what it is like to walk around Downton or Longbourn.

Well done Claudia. It was lovely to see you on our tour and I look forward to more people from all four corners of the planet enjoying P and P Tours’ exclusive Downton Abbey and Pride and Prejudice tours.