Oh what a lovely tour!

amanda longbourn I’ve just returned home after P and P Tours Pride and Prejudice 200 Year Anniversary Tour and, although tired, I’m still exhilarated after a fantastic couple of days during which I was able to talk with so many lovely people who seemed to really enjoyed the events, particularly the regency dancing at Longbourn.

The exclusive talks given by Simon Langton, the director of the 1995 BBC adaptation, and Jeff Smart, the producer of the 10 year anniversary DVD, were hugely informative and entertaining and were very well received by everyone there. P and P very much looks forward to working with Simon and Jeff again.

The people on the tour came from far and wide – the US, Australia, the Netherlands and, of course, the UK. We were really thrilled to have a group of clients joining us who are experts in Regency costume and who dressed in the most stunning gowns and accessories throughout the tour. We attracted lots of envious stares along the way! Some came to Bath just for the exclusive private tour, whilst for others the anniversary tour was just one part of a longer trip, taking in a number of bespoke or chauffeur driven tours in England and other parts of the British Isles. In fact several of our guests were heading straight off to London to enjoy the sights there and conversation inevitably turned to a discussion about just what sights should be taken in

Of course London is one of the world’s great and most culturally rich cities and It’s greatest attraction is almost certainly it’s heritage, both in terms of quantity and quality. However, with so much to see and do travellers can often be overwhelmed and, once at a location, overloaded with information.

Therein lies the value of a private escorted tour with your own guide, if you are able to afford it. A suitably qualified tour guide, such as those at PandP, is able to impart knowledge, allowing the guest to metaphorically sit back and relax, the hard work being done by the guide. I know when I visit a new place, it can take quite a long time and not inconsiderable effort to find all the information I feel I need. Also, you can ask questions of a guide, whereas reading plaques and information sheets doesn’t allow for this valuable interaction.

With all those fabulous buildings to visit in London time is very much at a premium unless you’ve weeks to kill and if you can have a private tour guide do the legwork for you, so much the better. You’ll see more, and learn more, enhancing your enjoyment at every stage.

The popularity of bespoke tours is growing and they offer an even more attractive solution for the time challenged visitor. Why follow an itinerary set by someone else when you can dictate your own and still enjoy the benefit of a knowledgeable tour guide. On a bespoke tour you see what you want, when you want. If you take it a step further and take a chauffeured tour, you don’t even have to worry about how you get about – letting the train take the strain is so last year darling!

So, if you’re contemplating a sightseeing trip to London, or elsewhere in the UK you should give serious consideration to either a private escorted tour, a bespoke tour or even a chauffeured tour. At P and P Tours we are happy to offer all of these services either directly or through our partners, Brit Movie Tours, who are based in London, alongside our regularly scheduled Pride and Prejudice and Downton Abbey Tours.

As Del Boy was often heard to say “Go on, you know it makes sense”. Tours to the Nelson Mandella estate in Peckham, including the Nags Head, can be arranged.


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