Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I put this trip together on my own?

A: No. Although you can visit some of the locations on your own, we put many exclusive elements into our tours which are not available to any individual. We negotiate special rates at hotels and attractions and so the price of your tour is really good value for money. Films use many different locations and the cost of travel and the hassle of driving make it harder to do the trip on your own.

And part of the fun is that you will meet and spend time with like-minded people who share your interest and our passion. Women, mums and daughters, honeymooners, Austen experts, retired men and women and students make lifelong friends after travelling with us.

Most important of all, the inside knowledge of guides cannot be experienced any other way. We love what we do, and we love to share it.

Q: What is the pace of the tours?

A: We give you the time to enjoy each of your destinations, and our tours have a moderate pace, including some free time. Here is feedback from one of our customers;

I have been on the P&P tour and I have to say it is superb. You can do things that you may not be able to do privately; dinner at Longbourn (sigh) superb!!!! & ride in the carriages used for the film. The best part is that you stay overnight at locations and it is in small groups. I have to say that we didn’t have to hurry away from any place. We stayed as long as we wanted. We did everything possible, even the bridge on which the girls are seen walking with Mr Collins on their way to Meryton. The only things we can’t do are the sets that were made inside the studio. Every little walk/view was covered. The two guides are wonderful. I’ve already booked for a combined S&S and P tour which is equally elaborate, and happily I will meet many familiar faces who were part of my P&P tour.”

Q: How do I get to the start and end of the tour?

A: We work with a specialist tour operator  who can organise all aspects of your travel to the start of the tour. All our tours start and end at main railway stations e.g. P&P starts at Bath station and ends at Manchester Piccadilly station.

To get from London or the airport to the start of a tour look on for train times. It is always cheaper to book in advance.

Q: Is this tour good value?

A: Our tours are bespoke, personally tailored and unique. No-one else in the world offers these trips. The quality of accommodation, travel, inside information and extras is unrivalled. After they have travelled with us, all our guests tell us the tours were worth far more than they paid.

Q: I am travelling solo. Will I be the only one?

A: We always have solo travellers on our tours so you will be in excellent company. We are very happy to put you in touch by email before you travel if you wish. Our guides take particular care of solos, because your enjoyment is important to us.

Q: Can you recommend hotels, or arrange hotels for us if we want to stay longer?

A: Yes we can! Just ask us and our travel consultant will arrange for you.

In Bath we recommend which was used as Sir Walter’s House by the BBC in Persuasion and as the Prince Regent’s Palace in Beau Brummel.

Q: Do we deal with travel agents?

We can take enquiries and make bookings through a travel agent, but we will only offer them the standard P&P Tours prices. If the agent wishes to charge you a handling fee, they must negotiate this with you directly. We will require your contact details and we will send confirmations to you directly.

Q: Do I get to wear Regency costume?

A: We encourage you to wearperiod costume at least once on our main tours, but it is entirely optional! People do love to dress up, or wear a headband or a bag as an accessory. Anything goes – from a bonnet to a shoe or the full ensemble!

Regency gowns and accessories can be hired through us or bought in advance from or if you are feeling really ambitious, buy a pattern from the Jane Austen Centre and make your own – see and

Q: How do I pay?

A: We prefer you to pay by cheque to PandP Tours or make a transfer to our bank account. If you are overseas we can send a Paypal invoice or you can pay by credit card with a 4% surcharge for both these methods.

Q: How much spending money should I bring?

A: Here is an estimate of your personal tour costs; Bottle of wine £13 each. Lunches – for a light lunch allow £8 per person. Supper – for a light supper in the hotel allow £11, OR to eat in the restaurant allow £19. Coffees and drinks allow £5 per day (although on board drinks are included). Don’t forget money for lovely P&P mementoes in the shops!!!!

While traveling abroad it is best not to carry too much cash. Most major credit cards are accepted everywhere and we do pass several cashpoints in our journeys.

Q: What are the specific hotels for each package?

A: All our accommodation depends on the category you choose when booking. All our hotels are hand-picked, period, and come top in customer rankings.

If a client has mobility issues or specific food and accommodation needs we establish these at booking and ensure that everything is catered for.

Q: Are gratuities included?

A: No, tips for your guides and driver are not included. If you feel that your guides have provided excellent service, we suggest £3-£5 ($5-$8 USD) per day per guest.

Q: What is included in the tour price?

A: Everything that’s included is set out in your itineray.

Q: Do I need to get any injections before flying to the UK?

A: No!

Q: Do I need to bring euros?

A: No. Great Britain still uses the British Pound (GBP).

Q: What type of clothing should I bring?

A: Britain does get quite a bit of rain throughout the year, so you’ll want to bring some waterproof clothing. September is a bit cooler than May to August, but casual, comfortable clothing is needed whatever the weather. Sensible shoes are essential, and no stilettos for indoor locations!

Q: How much luggage is allowed?

A: Contact your airline to the UK to find out their luggage weight restrictions for the most accurate information. We ask you to bring a maximum of 1 case per person so that we can fit it on the midi-coach which is needed as we often travel down minor roads!

Q: I have another question…

A: Just send us an email – we love to help!