Regency Tours

Regency Tours

The regency era or regency period is the name given to the time in English history when King George III became too ill to rule and his son, the Prince Regent, took the throne by proxy. Although it was a very short period in history (1811 to 1820) it has left a lasting legacy and people remain utterly fascinated by the architecture, fashion and culture of the time. Officially the term Regency Period or Regency era is used to cover the transition years between the Georgian and Victorian eras, so 1795 to 1837.

It was during these years that everything changed in England, the aristocracy began to frequent the seaside resorts of the south coast, road building and travel increased because of the new postal system, and despite the wars with France there was stability and social order at home. Beautiful buildings like the Brighton Pavilion and Carlton House sprang up, Jane Austen wrote all her novels, Shelley wrote his poetry, and a love of the English countryside was born.

In very recent times there has been a massive revival in interest in the Regency Period England because of the recent film versions of Regency novels. Jane Austen films head the pack and there is a surge in international interest in the buildings and countryside shown in these films as well as ones based on other novels and about famous figures of the time (Keats, Shelley, Wilberforce and many more).

At P and P Tours we offer regency travel and tours where you can immerse yourself in the art, culture, literature and fashion of the period. The Regency era is known for its elegance and achievements in the fine arts and architecture and our experts reveal it to you in all its glory on our elite tours.

We take you inside the houses, around the grounds, to the countryside and rural landscapes loved in the era, let you dress up in the fashions and learn more about the literature.

Some of the places we take you to on our regency travels include;

  • Brighton Pavilion
  • A Regency London club like Somerset House
  • Strawberry Hill
  • Keats’ House,
  • Apsley House
  • Regency fashion with a tour on costume in art at the National Gallery
  • The V&A museum to see original dresses of the period

So if you are looking for regency travel and tours you have come to the right place. Living history doesn’t get much better than this!