Solo Travel Tours

Solo Travel Tours

P&P tours began as a mother and daughter business, and we were both seasoned solo travellers. From the start, looking after solos and single travellers was our business. Whenever we can, we price trips without a single supplement, and some of our tours are especially designed for you. Our Royal Tours, Downton Abbey Tours and all our group day tours are priced per person to make them ideal for single travellers.

Solo Travelling with P&P Tours

  • You will find that you’re not alone – many single travellers join our group tours
  • You will have a shared interest from the minute you arrive, and many clients form lifelong friendships on tour with us
  • We offer a solo tour price option on all our group tours
  • If you are a woman single traveller you will be pleased to know that our guides are women. No need to be embarrassed when you need help!

Solo travellers will love our Royal Tours – The Princess Diana 4 day tour, William and Kate Tour and Royal Tour of the family highlights – we don’t charge a supplement. Check out the page

Single Travel Tours – Bespoke Tours

We don’t think solo travellers should be penalised for travelling solo!  At P&P Tours our bespoke service is perfect for solo holidays or solo travel for women. We always use female guides and we can meet you from the airport and plan your whole itinerary using YOUR rules and guidelines. Our day rates are extremely competitive – and you can choose any location from our extensive portfolio – or from your wish list. We can take you to your must see places, or we can arrange everything from planning stage to delivery.

Some of the venues we have found to be popular are historic – Stonehenge scores high on everybody’s list, and a feature that all our single travellers tell us is that they prefer to have an escorted tour to places which will be very busy, or remote and hard to find. Our tour of Wales and Scotland has been popular with singles, as has our Bronte and Jane Eyre tour. Nobody wants to get lost alone on the moors – unless it’s in the pages of a novel!

Here are a few tips when planning to go it alone;

The Pros of Solo Travelling

  • You will gain in confidence from the experience
  • You can focus on just what you want – and not other people!
  • It’s a great way of meeting new friends
  • You can go when you like

Simple roles to follow for solo travelling

  • If you plan to go it alone – Plan and prepare - research the places you plan to visit, look at Foreign Office travel advice is. What is the local dress codes for women? What’s the best way to travel locally – bus, train, taxi?
  • Use the common sense approach you would at home – don’t go out alone after dark – don’t leave drinks or bags unattended, don’t wear expensive jewellery.  And tell someone where you are going if you take a solo jaunt.

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