Elite VIP Downton Tour, July 2014

The girls had a brilliant time. They loved it and Natalie was fabulous with them. Thank you so much.

Annette, England

Bespoke Pemberley and the Peaks, June 2014

I thoroughly enjoyed the Lizzie’s Peak District bespoke tour that I did with you on 22 June this year.  I had a fabulous day with glorious weather and excellent commentary & company (& a great lunch).

Judy, USA

Tour of Downton village June 2014

Thanks again for sharing your local knowledge about everything Downton and Bampton.  You made it all so interesting with your genuine style and behind-the-scenes insights.  It was better than any old speil from a glorified bus driver. We had the chance to hear one of the “industrial” tour guides as he led a group through the village – It served as a reminder that we made a good choice with P&P Tours.  Thanks again for sharing your time and talents with us today.  We will speak highly about you to other Downton enthusiasts in the States.

Dan, Cathy & Kelsey, USA

Private Gems of Downton June 2014

We had such  pleasant time with Natalie yesterday. Thank you for helping us to have a grand day in the countryside.

Susan, USA

4 day P&P tour June 2014

Thank you for helping me to ‘live the dream’ – it’s been one of the best holidays I’ve ever had. I loved every minute and don’t feel it could have been bettered.

Sue, England

4 day P&P Tour June 2014

We will watch P&P with new eyes. Many thanks for all the insight into Darcy and Lizzie.

Cathy & Narlene, USA

Bespoke Downton and P&P Tour, May 2014

Our Tour Guides:  Exceptional.  The depth of knowledge, care and good nature of each person were always evident.  Hazel’s remarkable knowledge of Austen and P&P brought tremendous insights to each walk and site.  Helen’s knowledge of the filming and sites (and actors) You simply cannot get this experience on a group tour.

The Sites:  Wow – everything I wanted to achieve on this tour and more.  The great homes were remarkable, both in their history and within the context of filming.  Everyone’s insights brought special aspects to each location.

The Pace:  Perfect.  I’m pretty active and enjoy absorbing as much as possible.  I also do stop every once and a while to enjoy the architectural, the flowers and the beauty.  Some of those images will remain with me my whole life as iconic.

The Food:  Why does everyone ask about the food we ate?  The food we had was tasty, healthy and varied.  It was just the right amount and right style.  Dinner at Callow Hall was the perfect first treat to start the vacation.  A bowl of soup for lunch on a cold rainy day in Bath was perfect.

The teas were excellent, particularly the Pump Room, Lacock Village and Cassandra’s Cup. Thank you again for a fantastic time.

Anne, USA

Thanks again Hazel for being such a wonderful guide and lovely person. I did genuinely enjoy the tour and the company of all the p and p tour guides.  You made my vacation totally enjoyable.

Joan, USA

P&P 1995 and 2005 locations, May 2014

It really did feel we were being taken round by friends. We learned a lot about P & P and Jane Austen,  and Chris says it wasn’t girlie at all (but still doesn’t have a thing for Mr. Darcy, wet or otherwise). The historical context was fascinating, and it was good to hear of your experiences with filming, especially how the locations were found and the way they were dressed. Combined with our love of grand houses, it made for a great couple of days, and happily the weather was kind until the last hours. Many thanks again to you and Debi for making our tour informative and a lot of fun.

Ali and Chris, UK

Downton Murder Mystery for 27 ‘Hens’ May 2014

I just wanted to say a great big thankyou to you and your team for such a great night. Everyone really enjoyed it and so did I. It was a night that will always stay with me.
Thank you so much

Karen, Bride to be, UK

Bespoke P&P and Sense & Sensibility tour, May 2014

I am very sad that our tour is over but wanted to let you know briefly that it was absolutely perfect in every way!!!! I simply can’t thank you enough or praise you highly enough. Hazel and Natalie were fabulous guides and the places we saw were beyond wonderful.  It truly was the trip of a lifetime and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. it was as near to perfect as a trip can get, I think. Shirley, who is widely traveled, said it was the best tour she’d ever been on. Very high praise indeed!!!

Meg and Shirley, USA