We thought you might like to hear what our clients are saying….

To see such wonders as I never thought to see, And to experience such emotions, I knew not were in me;

A tour of places or memories, and ‘tis all explained in full, And thus you can imagine that days are never dull.

I have met such kind people and acquaintances from afar, All of us following in the footsteps of Austen’s illustrious stars.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, felicitations and my high esteem, To Helen, Maddy and Hazel who made the holiday of my dreams.

Debi, England

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for a truly splendid time.

Cathy, Hungary

Oh my, what a wonderful trip- thank you so much for taking me. So many, many beautiful things to see, and of course I can watch all of it. I have met so many wonderful people. Thank you Maddy, Helen and Hazel.

Nancy, USA

Truly the entertainments have been so much fun and the company so exceptional that I have even forgot to think of Wickham, fancy that!

Ginny, USA

We recommend going on pleasure bent with P&P Tours!

Sally & Paula, Australia

The June 2010 P&P tour was the fourth best experience of my life after falling in love with my husband and the birth of our two children!!!

Debbie, England

It was such a surreal moment walking up the path to Longbourn, following in the footsteps of my heroine Lizzie Bennet. I will not forget the wonderful hospitality or the scrumptious dinner or possibly the most delicious dessert I’ve ever had. Thank you for helping my Pride & Prejudice dream become a reality.
Forever thankful,

Hannah, Australia

It was a real thrill to be at ‘Hunsford’ especially in the proposal room – and the warm welcome made it even more wonderful. The opportunity to get a glimpse of Longbourn was very special to all of us on the tour and is something we will never forget.

Chris & Bonnie Perth Australia

Thanks for all your efforts to make this tour such a memorable experience. It’s very clear that it’s a labour of love for you both. I’ll always remember your passion for the subject matter and ability to make it come alive. Your caring and interest in each of the participants made me feel very comfortable and I appreciate it very much.

Reeba, Switzerland

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a true Jane Austen fan MUST be in want of a P&P tour!
Thank you so much Helen and Maddy for your devotion and attention to detail on this trip. We have enjoyed every minute to the fullest. What a privilege to be able to take a look at Longbourn! Our hearts skipped a beat when we saw the entrance to the house.

Mireille, Nannie and Karin, The Netherlands